Sunday, April 5, 2020

Woman Finds Weird Egg Full Of Goo In Her Yard, Captures Moment It Hatches On Camera


What would you think if you stepped outside one morning and saw an unusual, gooey ball of something totally strange lying in the yard?

You might be a little concerned that you are seeing something unusual, but one woman decided she would take a closer look and that is when she saw it move!

The egg-like sac caused her curiosity to kick in so she grabbed her camera and started recording to see what would happen next. What she ended up with was a video that will amaze you.

It wasn’t long before something small started to hatch and a red tentacle started to push through the egg sac in the most unusual way.

They were rather unusual looking but the arms continued to grow longer and longer before they eventually curled up and then unfurled right in front of her eyes.

It may seem as if it was something from a foreign world but as bizarre as it may seem, it turned out that she was actually taking a video of something from the earth. It was a strange, yet completely normal and common mushroom that is known as the Clathrus archeri.

It may look as if it is from another planet but it is from our own home, the earth.

The name stands for ‘devil fingers’ and it is rather descriptive of what you see happening when it hatches. On the outside, it looks as if it is probably poisonous and nobody could possibly eat it, after all, it smells horrible.

The red colored arms that come out of the ‘egg’ are coated in a spore-covered tissue that smells like rotten flesh. This fungus has the ability to attract bugs and flies so that they pick up the spores and spread them to other areas.

Believe it or not, there is a specific phobia that is known as Fungophobia or Mycophobia. It is the fear of mushrooms and if you happen to suffer from it, you may want to think twice before you watch this video. Otherwise, get your stomach in order and prepare to be amazed with what this little sac of goo does: