Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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She Finishes A 14-Hour Shift And Eats A Sandwich Alone. Husband Writes An Emotional Post On Facebook


We really respect people who work hard, long hours and don’t complain—not many of us can say we do that.

We might complain that our boss really loaded on the workload that day, or someone made a meeting go long, or that weird guy in accounting probably ate your lunch for the third time. But these things aren’t all that big of a deal when you compare it to some of the other things have to deal with at work.

If you work in the medical field, you might deal with people seriously injured, on the verge of dying, and families of these people. The stress these people feel on the job is probably immeasurable.

One man named Phil Urtz admires his wife, Jessica, who’s a stroke nurse. He says that she never complains about her jobs, even though she sees some really terrible things—but that she comes home after working sometimes 14 hours and sometimes not even eating lunch.

He posted a photo of her eating a sandwich for dinner one night after her shift, and calling her his hero. Posted on the love-focused Facebook page Love What Matters, his message is seriously the sweetest. Here’s the post below:

“This is my wife Jessica having dinner after a 14 hour day. She comes home from work, has enough time to eat and get ready for bed and it’s back to work the next day for another shift. She is up early to get ready for her day. She doesn’t like to be bothered in the morning and I respect that. She showers, throws her hair up, grabs her lunch gives the dog and me a kiss and heads out the door. At work she takes care of people who are having the worst days of their lives. Strokes, Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, falls, breaks, brain damage and more. She takes care of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and families. It doesn’t matter who you are or what happened. She will take care of you. She works through lunch and rarely has time to sit. She comes home after 14 hours, takes off her shoes that have walked through blood and tears, and just wants to sit down. I don’t ask her about her day because She doesn’t like to talk about work when she is home and that’s fine.

If she does want to talk, I will listen. Sometimes she comes home happy and sometime she comes home sad. But no matter how she feels, she is always on time for her next shift.

I love her with all my heart. My wife is my hero. My wife is a Stroke Nurse.”

We think Phil’s words are so sweet, and can be a lesson for all of us: To take time to slow down, appreciate the things around you, and continue to have a positive outlook on life.

We admire Jessica for her dedication and hard work, and Phil for appreciating his wife for that!

Who’s your hero? Who do you want to thank for their hard work?