Sunday, April 5, 2020

Mama Bulldog Tied To Car & Dragged To Slow, Painful Death. She Had Just Given Birth



RSPCA has recently released disturbing images of a 2-year-old dead French Bulldog found dumped on the road in Bootle, England. The dog had just given birth, and her gruesome injuries suggest that she was tied to a vehicle and dragged to a slow and tormenting death.

Source: RSPCA/Facebook

Locals found the dog wrapped in a thick wire early in the morning. The wire was attached to her collar and had a broken tip that snapped from the vehicle on the other end. Large chunks of skin were missing on the dog’s paws, which indicated that the poor thing tried her best to keep up with the vehicle until she couldn’t.

The collar’s raised position also depict that the dog was forcefully dragged by her attackers. Police echoed the local sentiments and condemned this barbaric and cruel act. The dog was microchipped as per UK rules, but the stored information was found to be outdated. So, the identity of the dog or her owner remains unknown for now.

Cops believe that someone must have witnessed this agonizing abuse in action and have pleaded with the public to come forward with any information on the dog whatsoever. The RSPCA tip-line can be reached at 0300 123 8018. Let’s join hands and help bring these demented scumbags to justice. Let’s Spread this information far and wide and help catch these monsters.

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